Is Your Washer Wringing Your Wallet Dry?

Is Your Washer Wringing Your Wallet Dry?

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Is your washing machine not operating like it should? Does your dryer need the attention of an expert? If so, turn to Modern Appliance Repair. Rather than waste your time trying to fix the problem on your own, let the experienced professionals handle your washing machine repair. We guarantee you'll have your appliances working in no time.

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A washing machine repair can be too complicated, and even too dangerous, for you to attempt yourself. Dryers are simpler, but can also be difficult to troubleshoot. Some common problems you may face include:

  • A dryer that won't heat up
  • A dryer that won't spin
  • A washer that makes a lot of noise
  • A washer that won't stop running
  • A washer that won't drain
  • A washer that won't fill properly

If you notice any of these issues, get help from a professional. We can handle any washer or dryer repair, and we even offer vent cleaning service. Make an appointment in El Paso, TX today.